Putting what you Believe into Action

Following up on my blog from yesterday where I spoke about how some of your Personal Power comes from belief.This vlog is all about how you need to put that belief into action! I also tell a short story of how I had to do this myself and the very surprising result of the action I took.



2 thoughts on “Putting what you Believe into Action

  • Hey Debs, Nice message, and yes its living by faith and trusting in God because he is a Good God and he always comes through for us, as you know i was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer ( bone, bone marrow, lymphoma, stem cell, mantle, stomach, liver and kidney cancer ) well its bee a phenomenal journey of trust believe and praying for a miracle , never once from the time i was diagnosed did i doubt or not believe, today the Dr are marveled that i am 100% healed, I have always said, follow your dream and become all that God has planned for you….. keep up the good work…. God Bless

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