March 9, 2016

Selfie School Starts Again on 21 November 2017

It’s fun, it’s fab and it’s magical!

  • Do you wake up in the morning dreading what the day is going to bring?
  • Do you feel frustrated and irritated because your business is not going the way you want it to go?
  • Is your relationship dull, boring or simply non-existent?
  • Or are you stressed out to the hilt, so much so that you wish you could replace your morning coffee with a glass of wine?

Now imagine your day starting off feeling clear, calm and ready, experiencing little magical moments throughout and ending off with feelings of gratitude, joy and contentment, followed by a wonderful nights rest.

Imagine no more as this is what Selfie School will do for you! When you use the 7 Selfie System, you will align your mind, body and spirit so they can work together in harmony and create a new positive mindset and put you in the flow of your life, your relationships and your business. This magical Seven Selfie System is a perfectly balanced combination of Science, Psychology and Woo-Woo incorporating Colour Therapy, Psychology, Chakra Balancing, Mindfulness, Food, Spirituality, Meditation and Love.

“My mind became calm, I fell in love with my husband all over again, my business turned around completely, I even lost weight! I started sleeping through the night and I woke up each morning happy and excited and well rested with renewed energy. My depression vanished and my love for life was completely renewed. Going through the Seven Selfie System unleashed my dreams for my life, my relationships and my business.”

A little background as to how the Seven Selfie System came about and what it can do for you.

I was sitting at my diningroom table slumped over drinking a cup of coffee. I was feeling just plain yuk! Every morning was the same, no matter how good I felt going to bed at night, I would wake up each morning filled with fear and a sense of dread, apprehensive as to what the day would bring. What really got to me was that little voice in my head, you know that voice! The one that just never shuts up, criticising you at every chance it gets, telling you what you can and can’t do and no matter how well you do, according to that voice, you still suck! My friend Jon calls that little voice the shitty committee lol!

Well here I was again, feeling apprehensive, fed-up with feeling like I sucked no matter what I did, desperate to get off that emotional roller coaster ride that we all seem to go through, when I got what I call ‘a download’ from the universe / the ethereal / the place where all ideas and inspiration seems to come from. An idea popped into my head. I honestly and truly cannot tell you what that idea was, but I recall jumping up and rushing off to get some paper which I spread out all over the table and started writing.

The words just started to flow, I wrote; 7 days in a week, 7 days to create the universe, 7 colours in the rainbow, 7 as a magical number, 7 body systems, 7 chakras, 7 pots of power, 7 needs, the power of the number 7, 7 Self’s. All of it just started to unfold right before my eyes. I felt super excited and intrigued, what was the point of all these ‘7’s? As I started to work through my thoughts and notes, I realised that all of it was tied to me being aligned with the 7 aspects of mySelf. I recalled the previous times in my life when everything just seemed to flow effortlessly; my energy had flowed, my inspiration had flowed, my abundance had flowed, my health had flowed and amazing people had flowed into my life. I also looked back at all the magical miracle moments that had occurred in my life and it dawned on that that all of that had happened when I was aligned and in sync with mySelf. I realised that I had forgotten how to be in the flow with mySelf and it was the reason that I was feeling this extreme imbalance in my life, the reason I felt drained, overwhelmed and fed up. I had completely lost mySelf in all the busy-ness of life. The time had come for me to ‘re-mind’ mySelf and get back into the flow of who I am.

As this all unfolded I was led to study human energy, reiki, the chakras; next I was led to study colour therapy and how colour affects our energy. I had already studied nutrition in 1998 but I felt led to study the colours and the energy in nutrition and how that affects us too. I started putting it all together, emotion, energy, colour, meditation, mindfulness, personal power and Self. It suddenly became crystal clear, I put all of my old knowledge and my new knowledge into a system, into a process. A process that I could use every morning to start my day so that I felt clear, calm and ready, a system that would give me little energy boosts throughout the day, a system that included a way to end my day feeling grateful, joyous and content setting me up for a great night’s sleep. I called my system the 7 Selfie System. I first tried it out with a few friends and some acquaintances and got lots of great feedback, from that feedback I tweaked it and reran it with more of my friends, my employees and some of my family members. The responses were simply amazing, so much so that they have all been hounding me with messages pleading me to run it again.

I have answered the call, and because I love the Seven Selfie System too, so we start again this Tuesday the 21st of November and I am inviting YOU to join. It’s open to anyone and everyone including children. (When one of my brothers joined in, he couldn’t wait to get his sons and daughter to join in too!)

To join, all you need is access to the internet and a mobile phone or device to watch and listen to the videos / audio’s and to set one hour aside just for you! That hour is broken down into 20 minutes in the morning, with 3 – 5 little boosts (+- 3 mins each) throughout the day (they fit right into your day wherever you are and no matter what you are doing) and ending with 20 minutes at night. That’s it! one hour a day for 49 days to invest in yourSelf and your personal happiness and success.

The one thing I know for sure, that I am 100% certain about is, that when you put yourSelf first, when you invest in yourSelf, that your life will reach a new level that you did not even know existed.

Register here to get started and get into the flow by starting 2018 with a new calmer happier version of you!

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  3. Once you have confirmed, look out for another email with all the relevant info. There is a tiny bit of preparation to get you set up, so make sure you sign up at least a day before we get started.That’s it!  I can’ wait to see how your life is going to unfold even more.
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