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Emotion is your main source of communication. Everything you do in life, every decision you make, every action you take is based on how you feel.

If you would like to unlock the secret to
Who you really ARE

   Who you would like to BE
   What you would like to DO
   What you would like to HAVE

Then start by understanding your emotions.


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Does it feel exhausting to be you?
Do you like who you are?
Do you get paid for being you?
Is your life everything you imagined it to be?

Be Authentically You

Love Who You Are

Do what you love

Live the life of your dreams

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I was introduced to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in 2003 when I was given a book to read about it.  That book ignited a flame within me and started me on a journey that would change my life forever.  I discovered that my emotions were the keys to unlocking everything I had been searching for; health, love, happiness, fantastic relationships, friendships, a business I love and a lifestyle I adore.

Developing my own Emotional Intelligence has not only changed my life, but everyone else’s who was, and is, in my life.

You too can have it all!

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I was struggling with my confidence and just being me. I felt such pressure to do things in a certain way and constantly judged and criticised myself. I was always comparing myself to others. Deb’s helped me to step into my own power, to use my own voice and to be myself again. I really love the way Deb gets you to deal with the real challenges and the fun, simple, yet powerful tools she gets you to use to overcome them!

Kirstin O' Donovan

Productivity Coach, Top Results Coaching

Deborah’s EQ course was amazing, what an amazing trainer Deborah is, her style is so relaxed and engaging which immediately puts you at ease. She is so congruent with who she is and what she teaches, I absolutely loved learning from her.  The content was so relevant to this new self-discovery journey I’m on and I feel like I now have a brand new toolbox to take with me on the rest of my journey.

Duka Nagy

Co-Founder, Smoke BBQ

Deborah’s Emotional Intelligence training course was phenomenal. She’s an amazing woman, full of energy, wisdom, she brings her whole wealth of experience to what she does, and it shows in the care and attention she brings to the training.  It’s been an incredible experience and so heart-warming. I discovered things about myself that I didn’t know, I feel empowered and ready to face my future, to re-create and create a different path for myself. Deborah was such an amazing support right throughout the process, to myself and to the other people on the course as well.

Helen Zeida

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