A ‘miracle’ inspired by The Secret and The Law of Attraction

I have been writing about miracles in our family, the first one of my finger being instantly healed after being chopped off by a guillotine and my second story was how my brother was instantly healed of meningitis.  This blog is a different kind of miracle as it was not like the previous two, it was not instantaneous and it did not involve other people praying.

DustanMy son Dustan had a cluster of warts on his right ring finger, (you can see it in the picture to the left). He really disliked it, it embarrassed him and he was always trying to hide it.  It had been treated with dry ice and all sorts of things by the skin specialist, but it always came back and bigger than before.  Just before his 21st birthday, I was still living in Cape Town, and he has just returned from a gap year in the UK.  I was watching the movie The Secret in the lounge, our house was open plan with the kitchen, lounge and diningroom all connected.  Dustan came into the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee and something that was being said in the movie caught his attention.  He decided to join me and watch it.  Up until then I had not been able to convince him to watch it, but something someone said at that exact moment caught his attention, so he sat down and we restarted the movie.  I had watched it on numerous occasions and every time I did, I learnt something new so I had no problem watching it from the beginning again.

Dustan got very excited about the law of attraction and everything they were talking about and unbeknownst to me whilst he was watching, something within his mind just clicked.  After it ended, he went downstairs to his room and decided there and then that if the law of attraction worked so well, he was going to put it to the test.  He decided that he would try it and get rid of the warts on his finger.  From that day onwards, everytime his attention was drawn to that wart, he would say to himself and his finger, it’s not there, it does not exist.  He kept this up diligently and two weeks later, that wart had completely and utterly disappeared and it has not come back.  The day he came and showed me his hand and told me his story, I was flabbergasted, I had no idea what he was doing and I was blown away by the fact that a simple thing could be healed so quickly merely by using his mind and the law of attraction.  Now I would still class this as a miracle, wouldn’t you.

Dustan no wartHere is a pic of him in 2013 and still no sign of that wart ever returning!