I always wanted to be a best-selling Author, but I never quite thought about becoming an award-winning author, so when I received a gold award for one of my children’s books, I was thrilled to bits!  I have never entered any of my services or books into any kind of awards, so this year I decided to ‘dip my toe in’ by entering Abby and the Gaggle of Geese.  This little book is all about how the geese tease and call sweet Abby names and how it affects how she feels about herself, her self esteem and her self worth and how her friends help her to recover from her ordeal.

This story is one that is very close to my heart.  I know what it feels like to be bullied and teased as a child and I know how profoundly it can affect your daily life.  The anxiety, the wanting to hide away and not go to school, believing the awful things the bully said to  you and thinking that everyone else ‘sees’ it too.  The consequences of teasing and bullying can be utterly devastating to a child and it can takes years to recover if they are not helped as and when it happens.

My intention with writing this story was to make children aware of what teasing and bullying is and how it affects the person they are doing it to.  I want children to know that it’s not ok to hurt other people’s feelings.  I also wrote it to help children who have been teased or bullied to recover from it.

When the gorgeous Janey Lee Grace handed me my award, her words to me were that they loved the content of the book and that the judges knew that Abby and the Gaggle of Geese was going to change thousands of children’s lives!  So my heartfelt thanks go out to Janey and the panel of judges at the Platinum Awards.  Thank you for the vote of confidence and thank you for recognising the intention behind this book, it means so much to me and my very talented illustrator Damian Wilsnach, who brought the story and characters to life.