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The Relationship Magnet

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So many people are unaware that they have an invisible 'magnet' that creates the attraction they feel between each other. A force so strong that it will, at times, override your intuition, your common sense, and your voice of reason.

For 18 years my 'invisible magnet' kept attracting the same types of people into my life. My relationships were dis-empowering, abusive and at times violent. It was only when I became aware that my own personal magnetism was creating this vicious cycle, that I was able to change it. Not only did I attract the perfect partner for me into my life, but as a consequence, all my relationships changed for the better, every single one of them! My relationship with my children, my family, my extended family, my friends, and my colleagues.

Although this book is about breaking the cycle of abusive relationships, the formula I used can be used to change your own personal magnetism to change, attract, or effect any relationship. After experiencing bullying, domestic abuse, a stalker, two divorces, one annulment, two broken engagements and other failed relationships and trauma, I can honestly say that I am now at peace and I am blissfully happy. My life today with my husband, of 11 years, and our beautiful big, blended family is one of fun, laughter, and joy. This book will show you how I did it. If I can do it so can you.

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