The Art of Surrender Part 2

(excerpt from my new book Food, Love and Sex, Ignite your Emotions and Heal Your Life) Following on from how the universe had already started 'conspiring' three years before to bring Paul and me together.................. Kayleigh had moved to Midhurst…

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The Art of Surrender – Part 1

‘I’m ready to get married again’, I said to my friend Anita.  It was 22 November 2010, exactly 8 years ago from today and we were lying on the beach at one of the most beautiful places in the world,…

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An Award Winning Author

I always wanted to be a best-selling Author, but I never quite thought about becoming an award-winning author, so when I received a gold award for one of my children's books, I was thrilled to bits!  I have never entered…

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Do You Fear Being You?

Does your fear of being you hold you back from living your life the way you so desperately want to? At the beginning of this year, I planned a Face Your Fears bootcamp, ironically as each day drew closer to…

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