Guilt is such a Wasted Emotion

Feeling guilty never did anyone any good nor does it have any magic power to be able to change the past. No matter what kind of day you have, I love the fact that every day comes to an end. …

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Healthy Relationships versus Abusive Relationships

Following on from yesterday's blog, as you may know October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, so this blog shows you what healthy relationships look like versus abusive relationships. Healthy Relationships versus Abusive Relationships Healthy Relationships Non-Threatening Behaviour Your partner talks…

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How Does Your Relationship Make You Feel?

Genuine love means respecting the humanity of the other person, wanting what is best for him or her and supporting the other person’s self-esteem and independence. Abuse is the opposite of love, if a person abuses you; they are demonstrating…

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What Makes Your Feel Important

I like birthdays, I think they are wonderful, a special day to celebrate the birth of your life. Every year I look forward to my birthday, but every year the day ends with me feeling deflated and sad, like something…

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What Does it Mean to be Authentic

Authenticity, a word that is being thrown around a lot lately, but what does it really mean to be authentic. Last Friday, I was taking a moment out lying on my bed and suddenly I felt connected to the sheet,…

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