Words have powerI wrote a blog yesterday and part of the heading was ‘Sick and Tired’ of the way……..  I have become aware that I use these words A LOT.  Whenever I have had enough of something, I seem to always start my sentence with ‘I am sick and tired of’…. When I am fed-up or angry, I express it with ‘I am sick and tired of……..

A couple of months ago my friend called me up on it, she said ‘have you ever noticed that you are always telling yourself that you are ‘sick and tired’?  It was a ‘pattern-interrupt’ moment and during a time that I was actually feeling tired a lot as well!  Now as someone who has studied NLP and Mind Power you would have thought that I was aware of it, but I wasn’t.  It had become such a habit.  A saying that I used all the time.  In fact when I was a Health and Nutrition Coach years ago, I had pamphlets with a heading saying ‘Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired’!

Well after I wrote that blog yesterday, I suddenly became aware of the words I used again and I had to wonder why I used them, where it came from.  The memories started coming back and I recalled it being my mom who used to say it all the time. ‘I am sick and tired of you kids fighting’, ‘I am sick and tired of you children not listening’.  Well here is the thing, words have power, a lot of power.  You merely have to mention the word bomb at an airport and you risk being arrested, or when someone swears at you, it has the power to fill you with rage.

We use words to educate, to discipline, to encourage, to love, to motivate, we use words with, and for, everything!  Many people however are not aware that we can use words to programme our bodies.  I recall watching a documentary years ago about a man who had crashed his plane.  Every single bone in his body was crushed, he was put on a respirator, had a feeding tube, a drip, he was in traction, he couldn’t move or do anything for himself and there was little hope of him surviving.  Although his body was a mess, his mind was intact.  He decided that seeing as he had nothing but time on his hands, he would use his mind to heal his body.  He started talking to it, giving it instructions to heal, he kept telling his lungs to breath, saying over and over again ‘breathe’.  Soon he was breathing on his own and the respirator was removed, the medical staff were astounded.  He spoke to every single part of his body until it healed and a year later, he walked out of that hospital without any help.

Another story I recall is one told by Pam Grout whose friend sprained her ankle whilst they were out hiking. They were miles away from any help, so she told her ankle to stop swelling and heal itself, she did and it worked.  I have many stories in my story / memory bank of people who have used their minds to do amazing things.

I often hear people using words like ‘devastated or mortified’ when insignificant little things happen to them.   Words are powerful and when we over exaggerate what is going on with the words we use, we actually make ourselves and our bodies respond to those words.

So I leave you with this, pay attention to the words you use, don’t just use them because you grew up hearing it.  Stop and ask yourself if you know what the words means and if it accurately reflects what you are trying to say.  I now realise that me saying ‘I am sick and tired of’ does not express what I am trying to say and I stand the risk of actually instructing my body to be sick and tired!