Have you ever hidden a part of yourself, a part that you were too nervous to show others because you were too scared of being judged?  I have lived my life a little like that, part of me being really bold and outspoken, yet keeping another part of me as a secret.  I have a handful of friends who have a little insight to those secret parts, but I have always been quite selective of who I share it with.

18 Months ago, I declared to myself and the universe that I was going to live life from that moment on being 100% myself, I was going to live my life being 100% authentic in the true sense of the word, but I have to confess that I still hid that part of myself, although I think it was more from habit than anything else.  Well, this year I decided that the time has finally come for me to come out the closet in my entirety.  When you are an Author and a Speaker, a lot of your life is spent in the public arena, people find stuff out about you and because I believe in being transparent, I figured it was time to come out and share this little hidden secret about me.

‘I’m coming out, I want the world to know…’

I am one of those weird Woo-Woo people. Yes I am coming out of the spiritual closet.   I believe in angels, in fact I talk to my guardian angel all the time, I believe in past lives, I believe in reincarnation, I believe that we are all connected, I believe in the law of attraction – in fact my book The Relationship Magnet was first published just as the hit movie The Secret came out.  In my book I had written about how we draw people into our lives based on our beliefs, and then the Secret movie came out and I learnt that it was called the law of attraction! Other parts of my Woo-Woo’ness is that I have a spiritual toolkit that I use to help me manifest and to draw people into my life, I used it to attract my husband, my business partner and my agent!  I have manifested air tickets, money, houses, sales, offices and I have used it to heal specific parts of my body.

The scary part of my Woo-Woo’ness is that I see dead people, yes just like in the movie 6th Sense.  Since I was a kid I could not only sense spirits that had passed, but I saw them and once I tuned into that frequency they would visit me all the time, in fact they would scare the crap out of me because I would wake up in the middle of the night and they would be at the foot of my bed wanting to connect with me.  I learnt how to turn that part of me off, I was already an anxious person and having them show up like that, made it 1000% worse.

I also have psychic abilities like knowing my grandma was about to die unexpectedly and knowing my brother was going to be involved in a motor accident, being psychic is not as scary as seeing ghosts as it prepares you for what is going to happen and it has also saved my, and other people’s, lives.  One such incident being, I was living in Christchurch New Zealand with my then partner.  We were driving to work and I broke the silence in the car by saying, we need to leave this country or we are going to die here.  He turned to me and without any hesitation whatsoever said ‘okay’.  Soon after that, we quit our jobs and left for Europe.  A mere seven months later, I was living in Midhurst in England when the news came on the TV showing the devastation of a massive earthquake that had just hit Christchurch in New Zealand.  The one building that had completely collapsed and killed everyone in it, Canterbury TV, was the company my ex worked for and the building he worked in.  One of the other buildings that was hit very hard was the hotel that I was based at, The Copthorne Hotel, the side that had been hit the hardest, was where my office had been.

One part of my Woo-Woo’ness that I had to learn to deal with, is being an Empath, i.e. I feel, see and experience what other people do.  I have found this the hardest thing to deal with because for a long time I never knew what it was nor how to manage it.  In the ‘world’s’ terms, I was told that I had Sensory Processing Disorder, that I was too sensitive.  Thankfully, I discovered that having ‘SPD’ is a symptom or condition of being an Empath and I have since learnt how to manage it and to switch my sponge-like aura off so as not to absorb everyone else’s energy, feelings and stuff.

So, does me being Woo-Woo mean I sit around all day burning candles and incense, playing with an Ouija  board, mixing cauldrons of potions or putting spells on people, well of course! Lol, no of course not, but I do however have some magical formulas that I use specifically to manifest, attract and heal, but I digress.

So why, you may ask, am I coming out of the Spiritual Closet now, my answer to you is because I believe that there is a place for main stream practices and for spiritual practises; in fact I believe that when you combine the two, you become a powerhouse of purpose and manifestation.  Not only am I an Author and a Speaker, but I am an Entrepreneur as well.  Last year I decided to combine my ‘main stream’ abilities with my spiritual abilities.   As an Entrepreneur I took my books for children ‘The Bears of Blueberry Forest’ to the brand licensing show, I used my spiritual tools before the show and at the show and I attracted the perfect people to help me turn my goal and vision into a reality, in fact I got even more than I asked for.  My Bears of Blueberry Forest is set to become a global brand as big (I secretly believe bigger) than Peppa Pig!

In closing, my intention with coming out of the spiritual closet is that my number one drive in life is to help other people.  I just can’t help sharing what I have learnt with the world so others may benefit as well.

So….if you are still hiding parts of you that you are too scared to reveal because of fear of judgement, I say to you, don’t let fear of judgement stop you from being you.  There is only one you, the world needs you and your talents.  I stepped out of that closet and Being Me is the reason I now have a fantastic life, a wonderful husband and a global brand in the making.