‘I’m ready to get married again’, I said to my friend Anita.  It was 22 November 2010, exactly 8 years ago from today and we were lying on the beach at one of the most beautiful places in the world, Paradise Beach, Langebaan in Cape Town.  We were having a lazy morning and had just taken a lovely long stroll across the beautiful white sand on a beach that seemed to stretch all the way too Namibia.  The sand was lovely and warm and we were sitting in it watching as we ran it through our toes.  ‘I want to meet my soulmate’, I said.  ‘Right’, said Anita, immediately stepping into action mode.  ‘Let’s send that intention out to the universe, but let’s first get clear on what you want’.

Anita and I had met in a miraculous way.  4 Years before I had appeared in a magazine called ‘Me’.  My first book had come out a few months before and the media was all over it.  Anita, who never ever bought any kind of magazines was one day standing in a queue when she spotted the Me magazine.  Something made her pick it up and buy it.  When she got home, as she opened the magazine it opened to a two-page spread about me, my work and my new book.  My phone number was at the bottom of the article and she immediately called me.  She wasn’t sure why, but being the spiritual person she is, she followed her gut.  We spoke on the phone for a few minutes and arranged to meet in person the following week at a coffee shop at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town.  I got to the coffee shop first and I had no idea what she looked like, but as she walked in, I instantly recognised her.  She had the most beautiful ‘light’ emanating from her. Her smile, her eyes shone bright, I had never quite seen such a ‘sparkly’ person before.  I got up and we immediately embraced each other the way old friends do, our souls instantly recognising each other.  From that day onwards we became besties, she was the older sister that I had never had and had always longed for.  At the time she said that she had contacted me because she said she felt like the course I was running on Emotional Intelligence was the answer she was looking for to end her depression.  But boy did I get so much in return as she took me under her ‘spiritual’ wing.

I had already been introduced to the spiritual world 6 years before by my lovely younger ex-partner John but Anita ‘took’ my understanding of spirituality to the next level.  She introduced me to angel card readings, crystals, energy transmutation and quantum healing amongst other incredible modalities.  I must admit that there were times that I felt a little scared by the things she taught me as I had grown up being told to avoid ‘new-age’ ‘ethereal’ matters, but it also excited me.  In my book ‘The Relationship Magnet’, I had referred to an ‘invisible magnet that brings people together.  I had written this book before I knew about The Secret, before it had been released in South Africa and before I knew it was called The Law of Attraction, so I was intrigued by everything Anita was introducing to me.

‘Okay’, I said, ‘I know I have to get clear on the man I want to meet but I am not interested in making one of those lists they tell you to make as it doesn’t work for me.  All I want in a man is someone who adores me as I am, a man who loves family, who loves to travel, who is confident within himself and who is successful at work.  The rest I am leaving up to the universe’.  ‘Don’t you want to be more specific’, Anita asked.  ‘No, up until now I have got it wrong on sooooo many occasions that I am going to trust the universe.  The universe knows me better than I know myself, I am going to trust the universe (God) to bring the perfect person for me, across my path.

‘Okay then so be it, thank you universe’ she said as I ‘sent’ my request into the never never.  I immediately felt a sense of peace along with feelings of excitement and a sense of anticipation.  I couldn’t wait to see what the universe was going to conjure up.

One month later to the exact date I met the love of my life, my soulmate Paul in a traditional pub in the beautiful English countryside in a little historical town called Midhurst set in West Sussex in England.

A couple of months before that day on the beach, I had decided that I wanted to travel.  John and I had broken up in July that year.  We knew the time had come for us to go our separate ways, that our soul contract was over.  We had been together for 5 years and had always known from the onset that we would not be together forever, that we would only be together for a season.  John and I had also met in the most magical way.  I am who I am today because of him, but I will tell you all about that later.

I was 42 and single, both my children were grownup, my daughter was married and living and working in Midhurst in the UK, my son was working and living in Cape Town and had just met a lovely young lady, who was later to become his wife.  I had itchy feet, I wanted to do something new and different.   Earlier that year I had met a Zimbabwean lady who worked as a live-in carer in Midhurst.  She wanted to go home for three months to her family and asked if I would ‘stand in for her.’  I jumped at the offer as I loved the idea of surprising my daughter Kayleigh for Christmas and being able to stay close to her for three months was a dream come true.  I had also been offered a few jobs teaching English, one of them being in Thailand.  So, I decided that I would go spend three months in Midhurst and then travel to Thailand to teach English and was open to wherever else followed my teaching stint.

I bought my plane ticket and on the 8th of December 2010 I arrived in Midhurst.  You can watch a little video below of the big surprise as my daughter had no idea I was coming. At the time Kayleigh worked in a pub called The Wheatsheaf, so needless to say I spent most of my spare time in that pub as I could sit at the bar and chat to her while she worked.  Early evening on the 22nd of December, I was once again in the pub visiting Kayleigh when she piped up. ‘Mom, remember that man I told you about years ago, the one I said that you were meant to be with, well he is coming here tonight to  fetch a drawing he ordered from me for his girlfriend as a Christmas present'(Kayleigh’s an artist as well). Now I have to digress here for a few minutes to tell you how the universe had started conspiring three years before to bring Paul and me together.

(The first bit is with the camera facing to the floor, but keep watching as you will get to the good part)

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